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Organic Travel + Lifestyle is a Wellness Publication bringing you curated content that covers all the best products, destinations and information in the health and wellness industry from around the globe.


We are your Leading Organic Health, Wellness + Travel Resource Platform.

Our goal is to provide information, knowledge + resources on the importance of the use of organic products, sustainability, regenerative + biodynamic practices and ecological awareness in all facets of life. We do all the ‘leg work’ for you when it comes to finding the best of the best in organics + wellness tourism. All recommendations on our site are required to meet our high standards. We personally research, assess and visit restaurants, wineries, spas, resorts, hotels, tea houses, wellness experiences as well as test products to ensure that they meet our stringent requirements. This is to ensure that only the purest and healthiest brands are recommended. 

Our Founder’s Biography

Jon-Michael and Elizabeth, Co-Founders of ORGANIC | Travel + Lifestyle, met when they were just 18 years old. At 21, while enrolled in university, they took their first international trip together to Italy to study abroad. This trip would ignite their passion for international travel. 

However, shortly after that trip to Italy, Elizabeth came down with a phantom illness that left her bedridden and essentially debilitated. With no answers or viable solutions to be found in the traditional western medical system, Jon-Michael began educating himself with hours upon hours of research into food, supplementation, natural therapies and lifestyle changes for healing. By integrating all of this newfound knowledge, Elizabeth’s condition began slowly improving and her symptoms started becoming more manageable. By seeing the power of introducing organic foods, herbs, supplements, natural medicines, holistic therapies, as well as, making healthy lifestyle changes to improve overall health, wellbeing and even cure illnesses, Jon-Michael and Elizabeth adopted this new way of life and began spreading all of the knowledge and information they gained to anyone that needed it or was interested in learning.


After 5 years of not eating out at restaurants and only eating food that was prepared at home to maintain the organic integrity of everything they consumed, they decided to take their first trip and venture outside of their organic bubble….. with pots, pans, blenders and an ice chest full of organic food in tow. Very quickly, they realized that this was not sustainable going forward if they were going to travel to distant destinations. Fortunately, it was on this trip that they would find their first organic restaurant named Synergy. It was an organic cafe that served all organic produce in their juices, smoothies and dishes and had sustainable products like grass fed beef and free range chicken. Jon-Michael and Elizabeth were ecstatic to find a restaurant that actually shared their same values and food philosophies. It was at this point, The Organic Travels was created. 

The Organic Travels, was an instagram brand focused on discovering and sharing with their audience all of the best organic restaurants, wineries, tea houses, accommodations and wellness experiences from around the world. For the next 5 years, Jon-Michael and Elizabeth worked to research, document, travel to and partner with multiple restaurants, hotels and brands in the health and wellness industry. It was after this period of time, that a much bigger vision came to light. They realized that their journey in search of wellness had led them to accumulate so much valuable knowledge for all facets of living a healthy life, that it needed to be shared with the world in a bigger way. With this realization, The Organic Travels evolved into ORGANIC | Travel + Lifestyle.

ORGANIC | Travel + Lifestyle is a pioneer in the health and wellness industry, separating the best from the rest and bringing that information to the world in a carefully curated, easily accessible format. OrganicTravelandLifestyle.com was developed, designed and structured to bring people from around the world together over one common goal, health and wellness. And most importantly, with ORGANIC | Travel + Lifestyle, if it’s not organic, it’s not healthy! With Jon-Michael and Elizabeth at the helm of the ship and contributors and experts from across the globe bringing their research and expertise to the platform, ORGANIC | Travel + Lifestyle is positioned to be the leading resource for unbiased information and health related products.

Meet our team

our talented contributors


Fran Endicott Miller


Fran Endicott Miller is a freelance feature writer for a variety of luxury lifestyle publications and websites. She serves as editor-at-large for JustLuxe.com, senior writer for Napa Valley Life Magazine, and California editor for luxury travel concierge service Essentialist. She’s known for thoughtful and thorough coverage. When not traveling, she can be found walking her Northern California neighborhood with her beloved golden retriever Nate.

Anika Suurkask -Organic Travel and Lifestyle

Anika Suurkask


Anika is a word nerd, traveler, and freelance copywriter who’s lived and worked in 4 different countries (and counting!). Using the research strategies she learned during her bachelor’s of Speech Pathology, she combines her professional experience with her love of communication science to write articles, websites, and emails. When she’s not planning her next trip, you can find her hiking in the Canadian Rockies, practicing yoga, or reading a historical fiction novel.


Kristie Landing


Kristie Landing is a travel & lifestyle writer with 10+ years of experience working in communications; time spent working for numerous luxury B2C retail companies and writing creatively for international publications. She has a BA from Duke University and an MA from Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London. When Kristie is not traveling, she is based in Charleston, S.C. where she enjoys doing yoga and hanging out with her Westie, Katie.

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