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Garden of Life 22 Digestive Enzymes for Men

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About this item

  • MADE FOR HIM: Young active men need higher protein intakes to meet their bodies’ demands; RAW Men has been formulated to meet the unique digestive and overall health needs of men by focusing on fat and protein-digesting enzymes so that he can stay strong
  • THE RAW STANDARD: Raw is uncooked food in its natural state and prepared without heat; RAW Enzymes is untreated, uncooked and unaltered to preserve the high activity levels of essential enzymes so that your body can break down and absorb its nutrients
  • DON’T TAKE THE HEAT: Our formula has 22 digestive enzymes, probiotics, probiotic-created vitamins and minerals and antioxidant enzymes to help process difficult-to-digest foods and support colon and prostate health, gut-related immunity and digestion
  • RULE OF THUMB: RAW Men is the most complete digestive enzyme formula available because when we transform our raw materials, we do not ever heat them above 115 degrees; Temperatures above 115 could kill enzymes and deplete vitamins and minerals we needReduces occasional post meal gas and bloating
  • EMPOWERING EXTRAORDINARY HEALTH: Our digestive enzyme supplement is made to empower you with extraordinary health and is Third-Party Certified Non-GMO, NSF Gluten-Free and Carbon Neutral; Made without dairy, peanut or tree nut ingredients

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