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Glanzstück Berlin® Health Collection Acupressure Mat Set

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About this item

  • ONE FITS ALL: Our XXL set allows targeted acupressure on all areas of the body – 360° stimulation thanks to a modular system
  • BYE, BYE PAIN: The acupressure modules activate self-healing powers against tension, back pain, neck pain or headaches
  • 100% RELAXATION: Around 10,000 spikes ensure the release of happiness hormones. The body reacts with soothing relaxation
  • LONG OR WIDE: Also suitable for tall and broad body shapes. The modules can be positioned according to your wishes and physique by Velcro fasteners
  • PRO NATURE: Sustainable and high-quality produced material made of linen, cotton, coconut fibers and buckwheat characterize this hypoallergenic luxury set and make it truly special

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