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STEAMERY Travel Steamer

Category Product ID: 36788

About this item

  • ✅ A Hybrid Between a Steamer and an Iron Cirrus No.3 Iron Steamer has a front plate that heats up to the same heat level as level 1 on an iron.
  • ✅ Energy-Efficient Cirrus No.3 Iron Steamer is energy efficient and runs on 1000W only.
  • ✅ Safety The steamer will automatically power off after 30 minutes of being idle.
  • ✅ Water tank Cirrus No.3 Iron Steamer has a 90 ml vertical water tank that slides into position using magnetic attraction.
  • ✅ Small and Neat – Ideal for Traveling In comparison to a home-steamer, a hand-steamer is perfect to bring on travels.

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