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Meet the team


Fran Endicott Miller


Fran Endicott Miller is a freelance feature writer for a variety of luxury lifestyle publications and websites. She serves as editor-at-large for JustLuxe.com, senior writer for Napa Valley Life Magazine, and California editor for luxury travel concierge service Essentialist. She’s known for thoughtful and thorough coverage. When not traveling, she can be found walking her Northern California neighborhood with her beloved golden retriever Nate.


Anika Suurkask


Anika is a word nerd, traveler, and freelance copywriter who’s lived and worked in 4 different countries (and counting!). Using the research strategies she learned during her bachelor’s of Speech Pathology, she combines her professional experience with her love of communication science to write articles, websites, and emails. When she’s not planning her next trip, you can find her hiking in the Canadian Rockies, practicing yoga, or reading a historical fiction novel.


Kristie Landing


Kristie Landing is a travel & lifestyle writer with 10+ years of experience working in communications; time spent working for numerous luxury B2C retail companies and writing creatively for international publications. She has a BA from Duke University and an MA from Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London. When Kristie is not traveling, she is based in Charleston, S.C. where she enjoys doing yoga and hanging out with her Westie, Katie.

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